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Let the Right One in

Let the Right One In - John Ajvide Lindqvist This is wicked, dark, outrageous. You want a vampire that is gory and bloody? This is it. I enjoyed this book and had to be staring at the wall for a few minutes after reading this.Although the story didn't really focused on being-a-vampire kind of life but how it is to live being different. It was about how life changed the characters on how and who they are. Finding their own strengths and weaknesses, how life turns depending on the decisions and paths the characters took.I really cant put it down (though i only have the ebook format but wishing to get a physical copy), curious how the story will go.There are parts in this book that were a bit shocking in the sense like life is smacking your face with reality of what's goin on at the other side of the planet.Wicked, dark, outrageous.