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""---that echoes have no souls is certain." = What does it take to be human?"
The Lost Girl - Sangu Mandanna

The premise of the story is where clones exist. Legal in some parts of the world and illegal in some too. I haven't read the Frankenstein novel yet so I won't be able to make a comparison.


These human clones were made in Frankie's way. They are viewed differently in the society and referred to as "it". Because the makers of clones called as "Weavers" made them only as a vessel or a spare body of someone who is the original. The clones called as "echoes" were made to live the life of their originals. They have to be an exact copy of the original human.


Thoughts that hovered in my head were what it takes to be called as human? Am I an echo of my old self now but living in a different way? Trying to somehow live like I was used to be so that my "familiars" won't be disappointed in me?


The story is neutral-paced as like you are watching a movie. The plot was laid out evenly. The ending was okay but still with loose ends. It gives more space to have a sequel maybe. I consider this a juvenile version of suspense-thriller novels like Bourne or some usual movie that has the same plot.


Interesting but not that entertaining for me. Still has a lot of room to expand the author's story, therefore, I give it 4 stars.