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"A way to be good again..."
The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini

This is a good novel. It was written perfectly.


The plot and events were evenly placed and told perfectly in balance. The author was able to tell his story from beginning to end with no feelings of being short in every element. He was able to introduce all main characters clearly and all of them had a strong foundation. 


Questions like who, what, when, where, and why were answered in 371 pages. It was written meticulously and I didn't feel empty-handed when I finished it.


Khaled Hosseini was able to depict Afghanistan's rich culture and life in this book. I've learned something about them in a short while.


The book dealt about love, honor, guilt, fear, and especially redemption. How do we atone for our sins? Our mistakes? Our wrongdoings to other people? Saying I'm sorry is good but it is more apt to say "I'm sorry and how can I make it right?"


This book is about Amir and Hassan, a master and a servant, respectively. Hassan is the kite runner. The one who runs for a kite that went down after a kite fight. Life came into a full circle when secrets were revealed.


Great story, well-written, complete elements. 5 stars.